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The initial Charm of these Traditional Cultural Tourism Show Island

November 8, 2012

International Online reports: With the own unique coconut Rhine, found in southern China’s Hainan Province, the tourism industry could be rapid development. Usually, Hainan relying upon the making of international tourism island development opportunities, innovation and self-development, and explore the organic integration of the natural resources and traditional cultural mode. Not long ago, our station reporter joined in the fun Hainan, browse through the unique traditional cultural tourism in Hainan.

This is basically the Hainan Baoting Ganshiling, betel Valley Li Miao of Walled large original ecological Li Miao live show “betel nut · rhyme. Li and Miao ancient legend, exquisite handicrafts, sounding ballads, this the friendship deep a sense song and dance performances unfolding, allowing customers to linger.

Hainan definitely a multi-ethnic province, in long-term the history of the event process, to drop by the minorities to make a colorful, distinctive fine traditional culture, what follows is a valuable cultural heritage, and Hainan important cultural tourism resources.

Hainan Tourism Development Committee, deputy director of Sun Ying an interview with reporters, Hainan Sanya, Lingshui, Baoting cities and counties within construction of having a group specifically for tourists visiting ethnic customs village, to handle many forms of folk cultural activities to draw with lots of tourists. Like these betel Valley scenic well to achieve the perfect fusion of folk culture and tourism. Sun Ying said: “Li Miao, searching for created a very thorough, like betel Valley this scenic, originally museum can be obtained internally, it is the make use of Li nationality village transformation to your original ecological culture, to become completely visible, betel nut Valley just start scenic Li culture all financial Parade in america which we get involved in the “the Li nationality story” 11 awards, this performing arts activities to Lijiang uncover the Naxi ancient music, in the birthday gift Hainan Island locate a Li nationality story “, make fish an entire Li culture, there could be understanding, and visual enjoyment. along Li and Miao villages some time, also show the fusion of Li Miao and tourism.”

Ecological Li Miao Ganshiling betel Tanihara tourist area may be a national 4A-class eco-cultural tourism zone. Betel Valley, just what are because of the scenic area is situated Ganshiling Nature Reserve, on both sides on this forest shrillest the center truly a stretching several kilometers of betel Valley.

Li traditional culture, betel nuts as well as plays a really important ceremonial function, along with a symbol of the Li people’s attitude towards life. Li betel nut is not an ceremony, no betel nut not married, living now in the central mountainous number of ??Hainan Li, shelter about the mysterious rainforest valley, visitors only towards the betel Valley, towards Li Jiawen, to feel authentic Hainan nation style. Your local guides Mei said: “the most solemn day of one’s side isn’t the New Year, but married men Shi Age for a woman’s family below the dowry while he truly wants to climb nut trees take betel nut as dowry. Climb 49 six hundred seventy-four of merely one areca palm, mining under forty-nine betel nut as dowry. superior God, our the Li Nationality original life in Wuzhishan, his nose ‘s an areca palm, symbolic of the indomitable spirit people today Li people. areca palm typhoons can survive, as it is a smart toughness. “

Li nationality in Hainan’s earliest aboriginal, its history tends to be traced straight back to the Neolithic Age, consists of been for centuries. Li people today the long background baptism, and gradually form a fashionable culture of the united states. Of them, the most crucial asset will probably be Li nationality aboriginal the embroidered face tattoo culture. Anthropologist analogy Li women of Hainan Dunhuang frescoes, you see the customs of any Li nationality Aboriginal ladies have a tattoo, historic, always be skin when a nation on this carrier records clan symbol. Tattoos, after hundreds of years inherited the Li nationality sum extremely valuable cultural heritage. The tour guides Mei said: “tattoos a slightly more prettier status of that general girls tattoo pattern begining with the era of 6 to adulthood, which could about 13 year-old, adult, if you possibly can stay away from the tattoo. Li nationality depending on the geographical distribution and language variations in clothing, is split into five major dialect areas, each dialect amount of ??worship isn’t same pattern, the tattoo capabilities a fixed pattern, five family, each family members have a fixed tattoo. “

The tour guides Mei added, the tattoo may be totem indication of worship, these patterns engraved on the human body, with prayer for all times, happiness hope, avoided disaster and likewise young and beautiful display. It in addition to demonstrates the cultural status the creation of Li nationality, but also the performance using the Li people’s beliefs but the hunt for beauty.

However, meanwhile with the continuing growth of society, Li women refraining from followed the custom of tattooing. Gan even village people understand the final generation of tattoo longevity in the elderly local environment may have betel Valley, keep searching their lives a mysterious rainforest.

Ancient totem, beautiful costumes, magical tattoos, amazing dance and instruments… Li Miao of holidaymakers we will keep you visit an eye-opener, food for thought. Betel Valley interview, tourists from Fujian Miss Dong told reporters that he was impressed by the ethnic customs here. She said: “We have something these nation in Fujian less here relatively strong customs of ethnic minorities. Fujian can also be at the shore Well, primarily because, when compared with a sense the ocean, but most likely just as the nation feeling, nevertheless there is no training, still did not read it. “

This unique and fresh folk culture, not just to attract a great deal of domestic and foreign tourists, but also because of by a few foreign media attention. reports, the media from The philipines, Russia, Germany in conjunction with other countries stumbled on betel Valley shooting or study. Betel Tanihara ecological Li Miao tourist area network Xuanjing Lei Qiang told reporters: “Korean KBS often visit us for snapping things domestic propaganda, comparing features, comparable to food, clothing, dance, musical instruments, designed to cure interested. “

In addition to traditional culture, in Hainan, numerous rich features cultural area. Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Tourism Japanese story built regarding the of Jianzhen monk On offer the ends of the planet, Luhuitou built the legend ends of the earth Cultural Tourism Zone, Luhuitou scenic surrounding Su, Soong Ching Ling celebrity built Dongpo Academy Soong Ching Ling, etc., these all reflect the varied cultural characteristics of Hainan Island.

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